IDP is a communication, advertising and design agency which places strategy at the core of creativity. Its promise towards the customer is a leap of quality in the placement within the marketplace and in trading outcomes.
Editing, graphics, copywriting, photography, video, internet, apps, social media are all simple means at the service
of targets.

IDP uses them through a
multi-disciplinary approach, which involves several experts working under a unique and coherent communicative leadership. This approach allows the agency to manage complex multi-channel projects, with a holistic approach to the solutions of problems, where every means of communication is perfectly integrated.

IDP | the headquarter

Communication projects

Dedication, passion and competence are put in to each and every job, no matter how big it is. Every project which is conceived for you by IDP, is developed in four stages.

Strategy is our keyword

1. Analysis of opportunity.

Signals, data and trends are extrapolated from the reference market. Through interviews with customers we capture any and
all necessities, criticalities and expectations. Opportunities emerge almost spontaneously.

2. Design of directions.

Every target needs a way: both of them are picked out and we trace the stages on the map.
The working path is set: it will guide the project and will help in the final check.

3. Substantiation of concepts.

Concepts, ideas, words, pictures, media plans are starting to take shape; that is, one of a “communicative DNA” conceived to give life to all the tools produced by itself.

4. Creation of solutions.

We look after the whole operative part in first person, by creating every tool considered in the project.
A single leadership, a single creative lab with many actors and subjects involved.

Who made this?
Creative Procfess

Focusing on you

From whatever side you look at it, each project of ours focuses on every single point: the marketing targets shared together, to take you higher and higher.